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About Us

We are Easybox

We provide the best extra space when you’re in need.

Easybox self storage is a company that specialises in self storage services.

Our mission is to provide extra space for personal use or for your business. We offer a flexible and low-cost (compared to other rent costs) self-service, called Self Storage.

Self storage allows you to pack and keep safe all kinds of items. Usually, self storage is considered when you’re out of space at home, in your garage or basement or even at the office. You need a clean, neat and protected room for your goods, and self storage is the answer. Instead of moving out or switching offices, you can rent our storage spaces starting from 1,50 € + VAT per day.

Packaging materials and removals and transport services are also available.

We also provide furnished offices to companies and professionals for the short, medium or long term, depending on what you need. You can also decide to change from a smaller space to a larger one, depending on your use or schedule.

We’re present in Milan with 3 operating centres, 2 in Rome, 1 in Genoa and 1 in Turin.



Call us now on +39 02 61868290

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