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Packaging Materials


We know how much packing your valuables properly means when you’re planning to move. We provide a large range of boxes and packing, in order to let you organise your belongings efficiently and make your save a lot of time during a life transition.

Easybox self-storage main receptions have an EasyShop on site to sell you everything you might need to store your belongings securely: protect your stuff and be ready to move! 

We can supply you with suitable padlocks for your storage unit, boxes of all sizes, dust covers, bags and different accessories.

Our boxes are designed to keep your clothes clean and your valuable items safe.

We have all kind of packaging materials for your things at home or office, from archive boxes, bubble wraps to protect fragile items, to duct tape, cutters, gloves and big bags for your duvet and blankets.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to get further information about our packaging materials and self-storage units!


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