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Business Solutions


Big and small companies rely on Easybox to itemize and organize their belongings. With some extra space for your inventory or equipment, you’ll create a better place for your staff and clients.

Renting a self-storage will avoid you the high costs of paying for an additional retail space. More productivity and more money-saving in just one solution!

How many of you are dealing with a vast paper archive and your storage room isn’t big enough? Our self-storage for your business is the perfect answer for you. All your documents will be kept in a safe, dry and clean environment, equipped with the most advanced security systems.

Your business storage facility will be as conveniently located as possible, in order to transport your belongings back and forth from your office frequently and smoothly.

Business is not only made of paper, but especially it’s all about people! For those who need some extra workstations or meeting rooms, Easybox will provide them easily. Contact us and see how we can help! 


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