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Stock Storage


Productivity and clutter are related: have you ever considered it? Living in an organized office improves not only the efficiency and the focus, but also shows professionalism. 

Easybox’s Stock Storage will make you save a lot of valuable floor, so you won’t miss a sale and you won’t be obliged to purchase less stock and be short of available products.

During intense periods like Christmas or Easter, where you have to move up and handle pre-orders, our storage units could be the key of a good arrangement. Easybox gives you the flexibility to change your storage needs, following your peak work, however long you desire. You can also access the room freely, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Don’t worry: your valuable items will be kept in a dry and clean environment and be monitored by a 24-hour video surveillance. Your storage box will also have an individual alarm system.

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