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Can I rent a warehouse instead?

Yes you can, with the convenience of constant access and the ability to accommodate anything you want.

Houses are getting smaller and being designed differently, without hallways or with a combined kitchen and dining room. Space is similarly as scarce in modern day offices. Many businesses are taking the decision to move into office space alongside other companies, moving into the same buildings reduces costs but also storage space. All of these changes to the way in which society operates have led to an increase in warehouse rental, for individuals and businesses to store materials, objects or furniture. As demand for storage opportunities has increased, so has the number of stores offering storage solutions: Easybox is proof of this.

Easybox provides ideal warehouse options for rent.

Easybox provides easy warehouse rental for both individuals and companies who want to store any kind of goods in a clean and dry location safely, with 24 hour CCTV and a sophisticated electronic security system. Storage solutions are tailored to the specific needs of each customer: meaning you only ever pay for the space that you need, and are never tied into a long-term contract. Why is there an increasing demand for flexible warehouse rental in Italy? We can mainly attribute this to the changes to society, business and individuals in the modern day. For example we have witnessed a large scale migration of people from Southern to Northern Italy for work and family reasons. People making this move often find themselves in rental property, or houses smaller than they are used to, before they finally get settled and find their dream home. This is were Easybox comes in. Providing a safe, clean and flexible place to store your items through your move. Many people look to family and friends for storage in such times thinking self-storage will be expensive, this is not the case. At Easybox we can fulfill your storage needs from as little as €1,50 per day!

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