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Isn't self storage outdated?

A new concept store

You may view self-storage facilities, in the way a lot of people do, as a dusty warehouse where people bring things to stay for years, a lot of the time forgetting that it is even there! Easybox has turned this old outdated idea of self-storage on its head. Instead we offer safe, secure, clean and dry facilities that are always accessible to our customers: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Private numbered storage rooms are divided into a range of sizes, ready to be locked by a personal padlock which only the customer can get into. Our entrances are big enough for trucks and large vehicles to easily come close to, allowing the easy movement of items in and out of the facility. All that is needed to take advantage of our superb facilities and services is to sign up for a minimum stay of 30 days. After that it is easy, you can either opt to further your stay with us, or move your items out.

Flexible, functional and safe

Easybox maximises flexibility with no long-term contracts and various sizes of storage. And, of course, all Easybox sites are equipped with high-level security systems allowing you piece of mind and the safety and privacy of a home.

Our staff are happy to help Monday to Saturday with any questions or queries you may have, regarding storage, and are available to show those interested around the store at any time.

At the moment Easybox has 3 branches in Milan, 2 in Rome and one in both Genoa and Turin. Our storage service is complimented by packaging, transportion and van rental solutions. On top of this, our centrally-located sites in Milan and Genoa offer a range of office spaces available for hire that come with allocated parking spaces.

Our sites are strategically located: easy to reach by large vehicles, and never far away from the city centre. Making them an accessible and easy place to store any item safely.

More and more people are turning to Easybox for their storage needs. Our ever-growing customer base, many of which are the result of recommendations and suggestions from friends and family, proves this.

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