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Why do I need to rent a storage unit?

Easybox provides the ideal box to rent

For businesses and individuals alike, Easybox provides customers with the ability to store all kinds of items.

  1. Personal: no one but the tenant can access a storage unit which only ever contains their items.
  2. Secure: Easybox Selfstorage sites are monitored 24 hours a day by both internal and external CCTV cameras. In addition to this, sites are maintained by a sophisticated electronic system with access only available to those with personal codes.
  3. Clean and dry.

What accounts for the growing demand for rental boxes in Italy?

Most importantly, changes taking place in our modern lives and society. Such as the high levels of migration from Southern Italy to Northern Italy: people move for many reasons like work and family, but often cannot find their ideal accommodation straight away. Due to this, there is a need for you to find a place to store your things before making the move to your dream home.

The current historic social and economic changes we find ourselves going through at this time also leads more businesses and individuals to rent a box where they can keep objects, furniture or store materials. More and more people have choosen to use storage solutions, and Easybox is proof of this. Changes to where and how we live has also increased the demand for self-storage: with some homes no longer having hallways, or having combined kitchen and dining room, reducing our storage space in the home. Space is also similarly scarce in the world of offices. More and more businesses are taking the step to rent offices in the same buildings as other businesses, this reduces costs but also reduces useable storage space at the same time. People in these situations often feel the need to go to family and friends for storage, thinking that self-storage will be expensive. Storing at Easybox only costs €1,50 per day! The service is tailored to each customer so you only ever pay for the space you need, without being tied into any long-term commitments.

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