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Why Easybox and not a removals company?

Many people take the decision to spend more of their valuable Euros on hiring on a big moving company, who can also provide a form of storage solution. Such big companies can provide a place to store your belongings during the move, but how easy can these items be accessed? How safe and clean is their storage facility? And what if the worst happens and the move is delayed?

The alternative is Easybox

Easybox is the obvious solution to all of these problems. Formed in Italy in 2001, bringing a ten-year wealth of self-storage experience from England and France, we provide high quality, safe and secure storage that is flexible and accessible. With no long-term contractual obligations, a month with the use of one of our storage units is the remedy to all your moving issues.

Our storage facilities
Easybox is one of Italys self-storage leaders, with seven sites across four major cities: Milan, Rome Genoa and Turin. Each building, around 7,000 sqm, is expertly designed to meet all self-storage needs with rooms ranging in size. Our buildings provide an unrivalled ease of access, with trolleys and pallet trucks available for use to bring all your items in and out easily and safely. On top of this the high-level of security each of our sites boasts, with CCTV cameras inside and out, allows stress-free storage every time.

Meet our helpful staff
Our offices are open Monday to Saturday, with helpful staff ready to assist you with every aspect of your move into or move out of Easybox. They will also be able to provide you with everything you will need in terms of packaging to secure your items in transit or when in storage. Each store is able to provide boxes, covers and bubble wrap among other things to make your time with us and beyond more efficient and simple.

Private storage rooms
All our rooms are private, clean and accessible 24 hours a day, and available in all many sizes. You only ever pay for what you need. Since you only pay for the size of storage you need, we have prices tocater for all budgets with prices starting from just €1,50 per day. The flexibility and accessibility of our service means that even if you need to move items out bit by bit or over time, we are happy to accommodate this.

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