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Personal Storage


If you need to clear out your home temporarily or permanently before moving into a new home, then self-storage is the perfect solution providing a clean and dry exclusive unit for your belongings and freeing up your head space to concentrate on your move, refurbishing or de-cluttering your home.

Our self-storage units at Easybox are available in a wide variety of sizes, depending on the quantity of items you have. For example, our useful guide can give you an idea based on the size of your home if you're storing all your possessions prior to a move, or can help you with scaling down your needs if you're looking to keep only the contents of one or two rooms with us, perhaps if you are redecorating and want to protect your furniture from damage.

Flexible self-storage options for personal use are ideal if you do not know how long you may need your storage box for. With a minimum rental period of just a month, many people find that they require their storage unit longer-term than they first thought. Using self-storage can allow you to see your home with fresh eyes without clutter getting in the way.


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