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Sometimes it can feel like your living space is too small, or you have too many belongings! Whether you are expecting an additional member to your household, or you have decided to rent out your home on AirBnB to other visitors, a self storage unit can create the extra space you need. You might want to get rid of excess furniture or clear out a cupboard, a room or other space in your house to add comfort to your living space.

Your belongings can remain protected and accessible in a self-storage unit. What about the ski equipment only used for a few months per year? Or other hobby tools like fishing equipment or bicycles used infrequently? Some people even use a self-storage unit to store musical equipment, and they can come and go as they please to practice without disturbing any neighbours!

Whatever it is holding you back from maximising the space in your home, Easybox can help you. With flexible contracts, and a huge range of size options, contact our storage advisors today to discuss your requirements further. Your belongings will be kept safe and dry and you can develop your living space to suit you.

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