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Moving Home


With decades of experience in helping customers with house moves, Easybox has the support services available for house movers down to a tee.

Whether you are moving to Italy from a different country, vice versa, or you are moving round the corner from your current abode - we know the stresses that can be caused by moving your home and years of accumulated belongings and furniture to a different location.

A large proportion of our customers are individuals who are moving house and just need that temporary stop-gap where they can safely store their furniture and possessions, gaining peace of mind whilst they relocate themselves or their families to a new house, city or country. Purchasing a house is a big deal and often comes with a lot of uncertainty because everything is new. When you know your belongings are taken care of, you can deal with the logistics of the move and the people around you, without the pressure of thinking about your inanimate objects!

Renting space at Easybox allows total flexibility as to how long you need to store your stuff and how much space you will need to store it. Furthermore, our preferred removal companies can do most of the hard work for you in terms of bringing everything into storage, and then out again as and when you are ready to organise it into your new home.

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