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There is a secret in self-storage and that is to fit your items into the smallest space you can. The best way for you to find out the correct unit size for you is to call one of our expert storage advisers. Our advisers deal with hundreds of requests every week and will, therefore, be able to match the best unit size to suit your needs - saving you money!

Alternatively, you can fill in our quick quote form with the unit size and location that you would like to store in and one of our advisers will contact you to guide you through reserving the correct unit size for you. 

Below are a selection of our key unit sizes to give you an idea of how much can be stored in each of them.

  • 1sqm storage locker

The ideal space to store books, computers or other valuables, your storage locker is a fully secure, easily accessible compartment. 

  • 2sqm

The size of a phone box. Can be used to store a single mattress, an armchair or dresser, sports equipment or storage boxes 

  • 5sqm

Ideal for storing the contents of a large one bedroom flat or office. You can fit a double bed, chairs, a dresser, a TV and large appliances such as a fridge freezer.

  • 10sqm

The same size as a standard single garage, you can comfortably pack an entire 2-3 bedroom apartment into this unit, as well as garden furniture or bikes and sports equipment.

  • 15sqm

Perfect for storing warehouse goods or the larger items in a house, such as beds, pianos, sofas, tables, or big screen TVs 

  • 25sqm

You can fit the contents of a large company office or a 5 bedroom house including items such as a fridge freezer, washing machine, large sofa sets, dining table and chairs, and garden equipment 

  • 50sqm

This is the size of two large shipping containers and is perfect for businesses looking for warehouse storage.

Not only will our advisers be able to help you with your unit selection, but they will also be able to help you organise getting your items into storage with the help of one of our carefully selected removal partners or self-drive vans.

Call us on our free phone or fill in the enquiry form so that we can provide you with the extra space you need!

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