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Students travelling to a new city to study are often presented with the conundrum: what to do with all of your excess belongings?

Studying in Italy

If you are moving to a new part of Italy to study in Milan, Rome, Genoa or Turin, you might want to bring many personal items with you. And if you don't have enough space for them in your student accommodation then storing them in a self-storage unit is the solution for you. You will have the luxury of being being able to access these belongings without needing to travel far to do so, and your family home will not remain cluttered of your belongings whilst you are away!

We can help you to arrange international or long-distance transport to complete your planning, so that you have everything you need during your time studying in Italy. You can bring everything you might need and then pick and choose what you do need at your leisure, which can help save you money in buying new things and is much cheaper than renting a bigger space. When you return home over the summer months outside of the academic year, you don't need to take all of your belongings with you and you can have peace of mind that they are in a safe and clean environment at Easybox until you need them again.

Leaving Italy to study abroad

If you are going away for a while to study abroad or for any reason, you could rent your home out, or simply declutter your space before leaving, by taking everything to your exclusive access self-storage unit. If you don't want to take everything with you and want to make the most of the living space you are leaving behind, clear it out and place your belongings into storage until you return and need them again. 

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